Sound Imagination

41 Industry Awards and counting! 


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  • World Class Voice Talent
  • Award winning producers
  • Thousands of high quality SFX (sound effects)
  • Royalty Free and Premium Music Libraries
  • Custom designed effects
  • State of the art Studio
  • Acoustically designed live/recording rooms
  • The finest Microphones and Pre-Amps available
  • Copy/Script writing
  • Multi-lingual productions
  • Competitive Rates

When you hire Sound Imagination, you’re in good company. AT&T, Macy’s, Pfizer, Virgin Vacations, Crown Royal and Six Flags are just a few companies that have benefited from our services.

Yes – we’ve won awards and have international credits, but our rates are competitive whether you’re doing a local commercial, a simple narration or a large-scale project.

Sound Imagination has built up an amazing roster of voice talent in our 30 years in the business.  There’s no substitute for hiring the right talent, but what really makes the difference is inspiring a world-class performance. Sound Imagination provides award winning producers and an environment that helps to create those one of a kind, magical moments. We cast the perfect voice, write an engaging script, add great music and have a lot of fun on our journey to creative perfection. And when it comes to painting a picture with audio...give us a project with a lot of sound design and we’re in our glory!

Modern, edgy, quirky, fun, in-your-face or understated, we’ll break through the clutter.

PLUS: we pack more into your budget.
We offer help and advice.
And best of all...we’re friendly, flexible and easy to work to work with.


Our clientele ranges from the up and coming to the legendary. We’ve recorded everything from ancient Mayan instruments, live strings and brass sections, jazz ensembles, gospel choirs to Electric Violin.  For those just starting out in the business we are a comfortable, affordable and creative environment to begin your journey to greatness.  For established artists, you’re in good company at Sound Imagination with our award winning producers and writers and a studio that’s state of the art.


Studio Details

  • 2 Digital Pro-Tools HD Studios

  • Live Room – Acoustically designed

  • Vocal Booth – Acoustically designed

  • Apogee Symphony A/D Converters

  • 2 Focusrite ISA 110 MicPre-amps

  • Avalon VT 737sp Mic Pre-amp

  • Millennia HV-3C Stereo Mic Pre-amp

  • Millenia M2B 2 Channel Tube Pre-amp

  • 2 API 512C Pre-amps

  • Drawmer & DBX Compressors

  • Waves Platinum Plug-ins

  • Altiverb

  • Guitar Rig

  • Amp Farm

  • Kontact Komplete

  • Omnisphere

  • Trillian

  • Massive

  • FM8

  • PLAY: Fab 4/Platinum Orchestral Library

  • Mach 5

  • Roland Sample Libraries

  • Vienna Strings Sample Libraries

  • Hollywood Strings Sample Libraries

  • BFD

  • Battery

  • Mellodyne

  • Auto-Tune

  • And much more…


  • Neumann M149 Tube Mic

  • Neumann U87

  • Schoeps MK 4

  • 2 Schoeps MK 21s

  • Royer 122 Ribbon Microphone

  • 2 AKG 414s

  • 2 AKG C3000s

  • AKG D112

  • Audix D6

  • Geffel UM70

  • Avant CR14 Ribbon Mic

  • 2 Octava MK12s

  • plus the usual arsenal of SM57s and 58s other standard mics

* We have access to almost any mic through our collaborators. Just ask and we’ll get you what you need!