SeaWorld Shamu Show: "Believe"


   • Arranged and produced the title track, "Believe".

   • Arranged and produced the vocals for the entire production.


Ed Kessel was thrilled to be part of SeaWorld history, arranging & producing music for the epic Shamu Show, “Believe”.

"Believe" takes guests on a journey in which anyone believes they can connect with these magnificent mammals. This inspirational new show reflects the close relationship SeaWorld trainers have with the killer whales, as well as amazes guests with a series of exciting new behaviors. 

Shamu Stadium is transformed for "Believe". The majestic presence of Shamu is reflected in a new 2-story stage. A spectacular water fountain sprays across the width of the show pool. Three new underwater cameras capture Shamu below the surface. A giant 3-story whale tail soars high above the set. Four LED screens move and rotate as they highlight the power and beauty of SeaWorld's killer whales. Many of the whales' new behaviors are choreographed to "Believe's" original and inspiring musical score, recorded by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague.