Life's Not An Elvis Movie

(New Musical in Development)


Composer/Writer:  David Michael Spear

Orchestrator/Music Director: Edward B. Kessel

Performed by:  Ashley Loren

Producer: John Hoffman

Script Editor/Consultant: Evelyn Weiss Francisco


This comedic/romantic musical begins in 1967 and follows the plight of DaVido, a 30-something singer/songwriter, who has sacrificed everything including love and money for his elusive dream to be signed to a record contract. He has been performing at the Dive Bar, the popular hangout which was once the Retropolitan Scuba Dive Club. This is where DaVido meets his love interest Lauralie. She is provocatively and innocently attractive, but is employed by the biggest mobster in Retropolitan, Carmine the Cat Cataldo, who is not- so-secretly enamored with her. He will stop at nothing to make her his, and his alone. And that includes keeping the charismatic DaVido out of the picture. The play follows DaVido and Lauralie's growing relationship hidden from Carmine and Carmine's constant scheming and manipulations, while ironically Carmine is the only possible ticket to DaVido realizing his dream to be a Rock ‘n Roll star.

It spans 18 years and explores rejection, heartache, violence, deception, love, success - all displayed through a comedic tone, interwoven with compelling, passionate original music to carry the story through to its surprising finale.