What’s a jingle donut?


In our previous blogs we’ve discussed the various benefits of having an original jingle for your brand:



But what’s this term “donut,” and what does it have to do with a jingle?  

It’s very simple! A typical jingle usually has the singing at the beginning and end of the commercial, with an announcer speaking in the middle. That part in the middle is referred to as “the donut”. This allows the advertiser to change their message or deals whenever necessary, while still keeping their branding intact with the singing/hook of the jingle. Here’s an example:


The structure of a jingle can take many forms, but this is the most common:

Verse:  the vocal section of the music that communicates some of the individual selling points of the brand/product.

Chorus/Hook: this is the musical/vocal section that gets stuck in your head.  It usually includes the brand name along with the tag-line.

Donut:  this is where the announcer delivers a message or deal, while the music continues in the background.

Ending Chorus/Hook:  the musical hook repeats at the end to reinforce the memorability of the name and tag-line.

In the case of a 60 second radio jingle, the “hook” or chorus of the jingle will sometimes return in the middle of the spot to emphasize the memorability of the melody.  In that case, you would have 2 donuts, which are commonly used for a deal in one donut and additional branding in the other. Here’s an example:


The use of donuts in advertising adds a lot of flexibility to a campaign.  For some companies, their deals change monthly. It’s much easier and less expensive to simply switch out the announcer “deal” section of their commercial, as compared to having a whole new concept or script written, recorded and produced every month.   For many of our clients, this strategy has been so effective, they have been using our jingles for over 10 years.

So, as it turns out… you can have your donut and eat it too!

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Ed Kessel